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“Dual-wheel Dual-core”
Driving multi-format lixnkage,GRANDJOY devoting to built up a “GRANDJOY” eco-cycle,integrating beautiful life scenes of the people together
“Innovation-driven, integration of industry and city, promoting city development by industry, and upgrading industry with city development”. GRANDJOY takes China Beijing Eco-valley Project(北京农业生态谷) as the starting point to focus on exploring the reproduction of COFCO industrial property towns in suburb areas of big cities and provincial capital cities that are featured in convenient traffic conditions. GRANDJOY keeps building the industrial property ecosystem complex integrating “commerce, industry, culture, tourism, science & technology, and residence” together, aggregating cross-industry resources, and creating the win-win business environment to promote industrial upgrading, provide more scenarios for urban residents to work, live, and get leisure, provide excellent guarantee for key national strategic industries as science and technology, health industry, and new strategic industries, and create sustainable value for the city.
The Shenzhen regional industrial business which is located in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has accumulated nearly 1 million square meters of land resources during the 20 years of participating in and witnessing the urban industrial transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen. It has accumulated enterprise resources of multiple Fortune 500 companies and innovative enterprises, and has been continuously exerting its resources advantages in deploying industries in this area, and will develop together with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
At the same time, GRANDJOY integrates natural resources, social resources, and economic resources to keep promoting regional development. Since 1995, GRANDJOY has spent 23 years in getting developed in Yalong Bay of Sanya, and
provides mature tourism accessory products to local area. It has built up the state-level tourism resorts which takes tourism complex development as its core industry through laxyer-1 and laxyer-2 lixnkage development mode. In this case, the project is known to the industry as “Yalong Bay Model”(亚龙湾模式).