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¡°Dual-wheel Dual-core¡±
Driving multi-format lixnkage£¬GRANDJOY devoting to built up a ¡°GRANDJOY¡± eco-cycle£¬integrating beautiful life scenes of the people together
In the field of commercial real estate, GRANDJOY has successfully built up three product lines of Joy City, Joy Breeze, and Shine City, orienting as a brand representing ¡°young, fashion, trend, and taste¡± for targeted customer groups of young and mature middle-class. It leads the high-quality development of commercial real estate under consumption upgrade background by its Diversified business layout. Up to now, it has deployed projects in over 20 First-Tier and Second-Tier core cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Yantai, Chengdu and Hangzhou, facilitating upgrade of urban resident consumption and lifestyle.
Joy City Urban Complex
This is a full-service-chain urban complex that takes emerging middle-class customers aged 18-35 as its main market and characterized in ¡°young, fashion, trend, and quality¡± brand features. It integrates formats of shopping mall, Grade-A office building, serviced apartment, and high-end residence together, and combines functions of shopping, entertainment, sight-seeing, leisure, and catering together, thereby saving resources and operating urban life efficiently, becoming the key force to promote the urban development.
Joy Breeze
Joy Breeze, which takes the young and mature middle-class customers in First-tier and Second-tier cities as its main market, is a fashion life center guided by the high-frequency ideal life needs as category guidance, and including retail, sale, catering, life, service, leisure, entertainment, social contact, family and parent-children business center improving the value of surrounding areas and radiating urban groups in awider scope.
Shine Hills
Shine Hills is a place of panoramic-open commercial street, which is featured in fusion of humanity and nature. It has gathered elegant, fashionable, exquisite, and classical brands around the world together to present the first domestic ¡°city micro-holiday¡± theme living town, and create the demonstrative sample of quality life that is promoted in both home and abroad.
Cooperative brand
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