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Practicing its social responsibility as a state-own enterprises actively
Return to the society, Benefit the public
Engage in public welfare activities, Convey great love to the public.

    By undertaking the COFCO mission of “loyal to the nation, benificial to the people”, GRANDJOY actively practices its social responsibility as a state-own enterprises. It not only provides customers and employers with perfect and comfortable life featured in high-quality, high value-added products and high-quality services, but also demonstrates the business responsibility as a listed company by delicacy management and generous returns. Meanwhile, the company cares for the growth and development of employees, protects the rights and interests of employees by constantly improving the democratic management, enriching cultural life, and showing humanistic care in all-round aspects; besides, adhering to the concept of environmental protection, GRANDJOY advocates a healthy and sunny lifestyle, focuses on poverty alleviation, and contributes to social welfare.

    In the future, GRANDJOY will pay more attention to the applying of corporate influence and core advantages to undertake the social responsibility of the corporation, and cooperate with social public welfare organizations and other enterprises,  to return to the society, benefit the public, engage in public welfare activities, and convey great love to the public.

Beijing Zhongliang Plaza has been awarded the green building standard in the United States by implementing the green building standard in the whole process.

Architectural Association Certification


Chengdu Dayuecheng was elected to the Development and Reform Commission on the basis of the practice of "whole process energy efficiency target management"

Best Festival of "Double Ten Best" Practical cases

        GRANDJOY adheres to the environmental protection concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, follows the environmental protection laws and regulations and local policies, adheres to both energy conservation and environmental protection, and implements green development strategy; it realizes energy savingemission reduction, and smart property by promoting the application of green building technology and system, achieving green development.

All its projects have been implemented with the concept of green environmental protection and have repeatedly been recognized by national and international authorities. Chengdu Joy City relies on the practice of “whole-process energy efficiency target management(全程能效目管理to comprehensively consider the initial investment, overall development progress, actual operating energy consumption and energy utilization efficiency of the project. In this way, Chengdu Joy City realizes 5 million RMB energy costs saving per year compared to the project of the same scale, which being selected by the NDRC as “Double Ten-Best" energy saving case. Beijing COFCO Plaza promotes green building standards throughout the whole process from design, procurement, construction, to operation management, realizing 30%-50% comprehensive water saving rate, over 50% reuse rate of building materials, 30% higher than international standard in fresh air conveying volume, and 75% natural lighting rate in main functional space. Beijing COFCO Plaza won the LEED-CS Gold Pre-certification certificate issued by the USGBC U.S. Green Building Council, which is the most authoritative organization for environmental assessment of buildings in the world, and became the first old office building renovation project in Beijing winning this honor.

Annual Social Responsibility Report (CSR)
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Corporate Social Responsibility Report